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Mobile Commerce Add-on

Mobile Commerce Add-on for ProductCart


The purpose of the Mobile Commerce Add-on for ProductCart is to provide ProductCart-powered stores with the ability to effectively sell products and services to customers that shop using mobile devices. A new graphical interface was designed from scratch, optimized for a smart phone. The new PayPal Mobile Express Checkout was chosen as the payment option as it provides an optimal checkout experience on a mobile device. The Mobile Add-on is compatible with ProductCart v4 or higher.


  • System Requirements: different versions of the Mobile Commerce Add-on are available. The files provided when you purchase the Mobile Commerce Add-on on the ProductCart store are currently (10.21.2011) compatible with ProductCart v4.5. If you need a previous version of the Mobile Commerce Add-on, please contact NetSource Commerce.

Using the Mobile Commerce Add-on

An Example

For a quick example of how the mobile storefront looks like, load the ProductCart software store with your mobile phone:

License Terms

A license to use the ProductCart Mobile Commerce Add-On can be purchased from the ProductCart software store or from any ProductCart Reseller. The Mobile Commerce Add-On is licensed on a per-store basis: each implementation of the Mobile Commerce Add-On requires a previous or concurrent purchase of a ProductCart license. Each license is granted according to the terms of the ProductCart End User License Agreement.

Source Code Editing Rights

You have the rights to make changes to ProductCart's source code, include the Mobile Commerce Add-on source code, within the terms of the ProductCart End User License Agreement.

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